Why Do Your Students Avoid Drinking Water Stations?

four school grade students running around the school's corridor

Keeping bodies hydrated is an important factor in staying healthy. Staying hydrated helps with everyday functions:

an infographic material showing how staying hrdrated will helps with everyday functions

Severe dehydration causes the body to slowly shut down, some symptoms include:

an infographic showing what will your body experience once dehydrated

The body will start feeling a decline in as little as a 2% decrease in water, while a 3-4% decrease will begin having negative psychological effects on individuals.

To keep our students safe and alert while within our school grounds, we need to ensure that they have access to safe and clean drinking water.

Why do students avoid drinking water stations?

Charles Sturt University did a study in regional Australian towns to understand water usage and availability.

Students and teachers identified that the current school water fountains are rarely used by students, which results in students purchasing bottled water from the school canteen

an investigation was conducted to determine the reasons for students not using the drinking water stations provided.

an info graphic tackling topics about why students avoiding drinking water stations

18% of the respondents cited bad design as a reason for avoiding drinking water stations, more specifically, students are looking for a hygienic water source with improvements to accommodate bottle filling. This is not surprising as old drinking troughs installed in schools have the following features;

Improvements to drinking troughs

To encourage students to keep hydrated and healthy, we must look at the facilities available to them. Will the design of the drinking water fountains in your campus address the needs of your staff and students?

The Aquafil Hydrobank was designed to promote hydration and health within the school grounds. Each unit features:

an image of Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Stations ideal for Students keeping them Hydrated

The Hydrobank is fast becoming our most popular drinking water station for schools and taking over the old-style drinking troughs to provide students and teachers with an enhanced and hygienic hydration experience.

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