What are the Measures to Prevent Cross-contamination

People lining up on a pedestrian street practicing social distancing to avoid cross contamination of the disease

Once again, Australia is at the brink of a stand-still with COVID-19 cases in Victoria continually rising as the days pass. While every other state in the country decides on the next steps that would best benefit their communities, we, as individuals, have a responsibility to remain vigilant and do what we can to stop the spread of the disease.

It’s easy to forget that the battle continues in our day-to-day lives, pubs and restaurants have reopened, there seems to be less fear at shopping centres, and toilet paper and hand towels are back in supply. Experts warn that there is still the possibility of another spike in the numbers of those infected through cross-contamination and relaxed conditions.

What is cross-contamination?

The World Health Organisation has recognised the following as the leading causes in the spread of disease:

an image showing the leading causes of Cross contamination
The most recent outbreaks around the country are linked to enclosed spaces like pubs and restaurants where people gather and talk in close proximity. Getting together in spaces with low ventilation allows for infected saliva to travel from one person to another or land on the surface of a table that individuals touch and then proceed to unconsciously touch their faces or nose, allowing for the transmission to spread.

Cross-contamination control

There are several ways to prevent cross-contamination, and some of these measures include:

an infographic showing how we can control cross contamination

The proper use of face masks

Face masks are now a requirement in some areas of Victoria. Residents and visitors of Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are required to wear a mask when going out in public. Victoria recognised masks as an effective defense against disease transmission when individuals step out of their homes. Fines will be imposed on individuals who do not wear a face mask in public. For individuals in Victoria who live outside of Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, masks are not mandatory but recommended.

For a face mask to be useful in defense against Coronavirus, the wearer must ensure that the following steps are taken:

an image presenting steps on how to properly wear a facemask

We should avoid common mistakes made in the wearing of face masks, which makes it ineffective against the disease:

an infographic showing common mistakes on wearing a facemask

Practice Social Distancing

Some studies suggest that aerosol transmission may also contribute to the spread of for Coronavirus. As such, social distancing is still a firm recommendation when we are out in public:

an image showing a proper social distancing to avoid any cross contamination of a diseaseRegular handwashing

We’re sure that many of us have dry hands from constant handwashing, but this remains one of our most effective weapons against contracting the disease. We must continue to be mindful of our handwashing method and be consistent in reminding ourselves and our community members to practice good hygiene.

Avoid touching surfaces in public

When we need to go out in public, we have to be mindful of our movements and avoid touching surfaces. According to the WHO, “People with the virus in their noses and throats may leave infected droplets on objects and surfaces (called fomites) when they sneeze, cough on, or touch surfaces, such as tables, doorknobs, and handrails.”

CIVIQ has released an expansion to its hands-free drinking water stations and introduced a sensor-activated hand washing station to be able to continue to assist the public with products that can be used safely. We have also developed a sensor-activated button option for all of our existing line of Aquafil products, which can be retrofitted into already installed Aquafil stations.

a man drinking in an Aquafil Drinking Water station as part of the new normal hands free products for CIVIQ

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