Welcome to the “New Normal”

two ladies practicing social distancing as part of the Welcome to the new normal

Restrictions are starting to ease as the number of COVID-19 cases in Australia continues to decline. It’s easy to see that the joint efforts and sacrifices of businesses and individuals contributed to our success in beating COVID-19. 

While the impact of the different shutdowns would have affected small-medium enterprises as well as large corporations greatly, there is hope in the recent moves to open businesses again slowly. And as we start to accept members of our communities back into our establishments, questions around the “New Normal” have been asked on different platforms: Is your business model still going to be effective in response to the new market conditions we find ourselves in? Does your space comply with the new guidelines? Will your community feel safe when they start emerging from isolation?

One of the most important lessons we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of hygiene. There is an unceasing campaign for social distancing and regular hand washing as we move forward, with health and government regulations regularly updated to keep our communities safe.

The following advice is consistent across the board

the following are advice for the new normal
We need to be vigilant and strict in implementing these recommendations so that we don’t incur a more significant loss due to the virus. The most important lesson in all of this is: prevention is better than a cure, especially when there is no known cure.

Are you ready to welcome your community back?

At CIVIQ, we are conscious of the ever-changing landscape of our market. Like you, we are excited to welcome back our communities, and we aspire to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle. We recently launched hands-free and sensor-activated drinking water stations and hand washing stations.

Our expanded line of hands-free drinking water stations and hand washing stations feature foot pedal or sensor-activated options that cater to the needs of different communities we serve:

Elkay hands-free and sensor-activated units

Elkay products are perfect for indoor use, making these products the ideal solution for universities, gyms, sports facilities, factories, commercial spaces, among others.

Aquafil hands-free and sensor-activated units

The most exciting addition to our Aquafil product line is the new Aquafil FlexiWash. The FlexiWash is a sensor-activated hand washing station that is ideal for outdoor use with an optional sensor-activated soap dispenser and hand towel dispenser. We also recently introduced the Aquafil Solita, a foot-operated drinking fountain.

Contact our team today, and we can help equip your facility with public-use products that will benefit your communities and promote a healthier, happier lifestyle in the “new normal.”

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