The Ultimate Guide to Aquafil Artwork

Aquafil FlexiFountain 1500BFF Water Station installed in City of Belmont, Western Australia

CIVIQ’S ultimate guide to the design and production process undertaken when creating Aquafil artwork panels

The Aquafil water station range

CIVIQ’s Aquafil drinking fountains, water bottle refill stations and outdoor shower products are ideal for public environments such as schools, council parks, beaches and commercial precincts. The best-selling Aquafil range includes the FlexiFountain variants, the Pulse Junior and Pulse Senior variants, the Solo variants and the FlexiShower. Many Aquafil units are designed to include signage panels on the exterior, which are engineered for visibility, robustness and replaceability.

This gives clients the opportunity to display unique designs, which are appealing to look at and share important information.

Step 1: Artwork options

When ordering your Aquafil product, the CIVIQ sales team will send you a sheet explaining the three different artwork options for you to choose from.

The three different options include:

  1. Choose a pre-made template
  2. Request CIVIQ’s Graphic Designer to create a custom design for you
  3. Supply CIVIQ with your own artwork

Pre-made templates

Choosing a pre-designed template is an easy and cost-effective way to decorate your Aquafil unit. There are 6 pre-made template styles to choose from, and our team can amend the template colour, add your logo and create a hero message to suit your brand at no additional cost.

Once designed, our team will send you a presentation sheet to show you an example of what the design will look like when printed and installed on a unit.

Aquafil FlexiFountain 1500BF located in The City of Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF located in The City of Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Creating a Custom Design

If you decide you would like a custom design for your Aquafil artwork panels you are able to brief CIVIQ’s graphic designer to create a unique piece for you. The graphic designer will then develop a special design based on the requirements you provide.

Aquafil Pulse Junior 1200B water refilling station with captions filtered water installed in Bronte Public School
Bronte Public School installed an Aquafil Pulse Junior 1200B to keep students hydrated

Supply own artwork

If you decide to supply your own artwork for the Aquafil artwork panels then our team will provide you with artwork instructions and a 1:1 scale design template for your chosen unit(s). Your designer will need to send us the final soft copy in pdf format for us to proof, print and install.

We will double check your designs and create a presentation sheet for you to approve before printing the panels.

Aquafil artwork panels can be a very useful way to display unique designs and send your message across on the exterior of your Aquafil unit.

Some well-used methods of approaching the Aquafil artwork panel designs include:

Macquarie University beautifully incorporates their branding on an Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF Drinking Fountain and Water Refilling Station
Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF installed at Macquarie University

Incorporating your brand

This method is popular with many councils and corporates as they need to be seen as professional and consistent. Most councils like to keep their designs minimalistic and only display important information relating to their brand. They will display their logo, a key message and use colours and graphical features which reflect their brand guidelines on their artwork panels to ensure they create a consistent look in the public domain.

Knox Grammar School installs 1200BF FlexiFountain
Knox Grammar School installs 1400BF FlexiFountain

Display of usage instructions

Many clients like to provide users with usage instructions on the Aquafil units. Due to the unique look and design of the Aquafil units, users may not know all of the many different functions the unit has. Clients tend to incorporate instructions such as graphic indicators for bottle refill points, dog bowls and drinking fountain bubblers making the unit easier to use.

Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF installed in Lake & Gardens Precinct, Ballarat
Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF installed in Lake & Gardens Precinct, Ballarat

Displaying important information

To send their message across, typically clients such as councils will create designs which provide special messages and information. Councils tend to place important messages such as environmental awareness text to inform passersby of their concerns relating serious social issues such as plastic usage.

The Aquafil unit can not only act as a drinking water fountain, but it can also be used for wayfinding purposes. Some councils like to include a map of the current location and directions to key landmarks. This is a great way to help facility managers economise on signage.

LED illuminated 2100mm help point with wayfinding signage installed at the University of Tasmania
2100mm illuminated information help point located at University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania added an extra design element to their CIVIQ product. The university included LED illumination on their product which made their artwork panel designs visible even in the dark!

Custom Aquafil Drinking Fountain Artwork from students of Mona Vale Public School
Mona Vale Public School collaborates with students to create custom Aquafil artwork

Design Collaboration

Many schools will create a way to involve students in the creation of their Aquafil artwork panels. This helps students feel involved and promotes creativity within the school. Some examples of design collaboration include schools having their children draw pictures, which can be scanned, resized and printed on the artwork panels!

Handcrafted mosaic crafted by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School on a Solo 700BF water bottle refill station with drinking fountain
Handcraft mosaic crafted by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Be creative!

One of our favourite Aquafil designs was created by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School. After their Aquafil Solo was installed their team decorated the unit in a beautiful handmade mosaic. It is a great way to protect the drinking fountain housing and ties in beautifully with the surrounding garden.

CIVIQ's graphic designer reviewing artworks with Kwik Kopy staff
CIVIQ’s graphic designer reviewing artworks with Kwik Kopy staff

Producing your artwork

We work with professional, local printers to translate your design into a physical form

The printers use a wide format printer that uses latex ink, which is a water-based ink that bonds the print into the substrate. The artwork is printed on cast vinyl, which is the highest quality available on the market. This material is less likely to expand and contract in more extreme weather conditions making it a very durable material to print on – and typically lasts 7 years in most outdoor settings.

Kwik Kopy Auburn wide format printer
Kwik Kopy Auburn wide format printer

After collection, CIVIQ staff laminate the prints in-house with an anti-graffiti film for added protection. They are then laminated onto stainless steel and installed into the Aquafil frame.

CIVIQ graphic designer delivering prints ready for lamination
CIVIQ graphic designer delivering prints ready for lamination

Installation of the artwork is the last step in the manufacturing process, so once the artworks complete your Aquafil unit is ready for dispatch!

After prolonged use, if your Aquafil panels need replacing or artwork updating, the CIVIQ team are happy to assist. Aquafil artworks are easy to replace using the supplied suction cups, which allow you to remove the panels individually with minimal effort.


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