The Problem with Single-Use Plastic is Bigger Than Landfill

the problem with single-use plastic

Problem with Single-Use Plastic

When we think about the war on waste, most of the conversation revolves around the disposal and how to solve the problem with single-use plastic. We often talk about how much plastic is found in our oceans and the problem of incorrect disposal. 

However, the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles isn’t confined to its disposal. The problem begins with the production of bottles, as raw materials and natural resources are consumed and wasted to create plastic bottles. The team at Cool Australia published an article that summarises the problem with plastic in Australia, It highlights that the manufacture and transport of the plastic bottles for all the bottled water purchased in 2015 required over 460,000 barrels of oil, while the production of one 500ml water bottle required 5.3L of water.

An infographic showing the problem with single-use plastic bottles purchased per minute worldwide

Research shows that in 2017 there were 1,000,000 plastic bottles sold per minute worldwide, the study predicted that the number will rise by another 20% in 2021. With the numbers continuously rising, it is important to understand our impact as an individual and how businesses can make it easier for their employees or communities to make sustainable choices.

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