The District Council of Yankalilla Installs Drinking Water Fountains for the Community

Drinking Water Fountain with artwork displaying text Fresh Drinking Water Installed on Normanville foreshore

The District Council of Yankalilla in South Australia is only one hour drive south from Adelaide’s CBD; rolling hills are home to kilometres of dairy farms and grazing lands, pine forests, conservation parks, and bushland. Hills and valleys give way to 90 km’s of coastline where rugged cliffs and 30 km’s of spectacular white sandy beaches provide year around attraction.

The district recently partnered with CIVIQ to provide quality, robust and filtered drinking water fountains to popular spots in Yankalilla and Normanville.

Drinking Water Fountain with Dog Drinking Bowl Installed on Normanville foreshore
Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF was installed on the Normanville foreshore.

After community consultation, the Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF was chosen due to its unrivaled functionality in terms of being able to provide filtered water, dog bowl facilities, water refilling station, and instant water while also highlighting local businesses and attractions through its large uninterrupted vandal resistant graphic panels.

Nigel Morris the Chief Executive Officer of the council commented that;

“The council and the community love the new filtered drinking water stations, they are fresh and modern and not only deliver filtered water but provide for bottle refills for the betterment of the environment. They also provide a dog bowl and the design incorporates a local map pointing tourists towards local attractions and businesses”.

Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF Drinking Fountain with swing dog bowl installed in the District Council of Yankalilla town centre
Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF with swing dog bowl installed in the Yankalilla town centre.

Find out more about the Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF and join the district council of Yankalilla and CIVIQ in enhancing public space amenities for happier, healthier communities.

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