Are Your Water Stations Clean and Safe? Here is What to Fook For…

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Fresh and clean drinking water in public spaces has become a focus for communities

The benefits of drinking water are clear – we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for our bodies and minds to function properly. Water helps convert food into energy and the body absorbs nutrients.

This year we saw a record amount of people in our communities flocking to our parks, playgrounds, streets, and beaches to escape the close confinement of home, enjoy the fresh air and take the opportunity to exercise.

The availability of fresh and clean drinking water in public spaces has become a focus for communities that value the health and happiness of their people. Making drinking water available in a safe and sanitary manner is more important than ever. 

A boy drinking on an outdated and rusty drinking faucet

Outdated facilities could be hazardous

New facilities ensure a minimum safety standard is met

By upgrading your hydration facilities, you are assured of certain safety features. Any new water dispensing product needs to follow certain conditions to ensure a minimum standard is met. This includes the Australian Building Codes Board ‘WaterMark’ which encourages the limited use of brass plumbing.


Check all products carry the Australian Building Codes Board ‘WaterMark’. A WaterMark product certification protects community health and safety. A certified product is fit for purpose and authorised for installation by a licensed plumber. It’s also guaranteed to be suitable for use by you, your family and your friends.

Lead-free plumbing

The dangers of lead in our drinking water are well known. It is shocking to think that lead may still contaminate drinking water from brass fittings. Hydration products using brass-free parts ensure the drinking water dispersed from fountains is lead-free and safe to drink.

Make sure you look for these safety features in your drinking water station:

Food grade stainless steel

Algae, mould, tea staining, and contamination can be caused by using substandard materials. Utilising food-grade stainless steel with a further marine-grade electropolish finish ensures the water stays clean and safe to drink.

Silver ion antimicrobial protection

Anti-bacterial bottle refill points using silver-impregnated plastic kill bacteria, fungi, moulds, and most viruses.

Like most harmful bacteria, this technology is not visible to the naked and untrained eye, but it makes a huge difference in the safety and hygiene of the solution offered.

Safety features you’ll find with us and nowhere else:

Multiple access points

Several people can fill up their bottles at the same time and keep their distance from each other when a water bottle refill station features multiple access points. This is especially important to consider in community spaces with high usage and at school campuses and busy sporting complexes.

You won’t find these features anywhere else in the market – but the Aquafil Hydrobank, the Pulse Junior, and Pulse Senior ranges, and the FlexiFountain and Solo ranges all have multiple bottle filling points.

little girls at the beach using a clean and safe Water Stations from CIVIQ

Anti-microbial Mouthguard

Found on Elkay units the Flexi-Guard bubbler provides a flexible anti-microbial mouth guard to protect against injury and microorganisms. The Vandal-resistant bubblers feature a chrome-plated integral hood guard to prevent contamination from other users, airborne deposits and tampering.

Left to right water flow

When the water flows upwards and then comes back down onto the outlet the risk of contaminated water increases. Make sure the water flows to the left and to the right of the water outlet. All CIVIQ drinking fountains have water flow away from the source to ensure the water being dispensed is fresh, clean, and safe to drink.

sensor activation water dispenser for drinking water station products

Nation-wide service network

Even though CIVIQ units are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, the Australian climate and are vandal resistant every unit benefits from regular maintenance.

Interviews conducted with communities show that people refuse to drink from water stations because of the following factors:

      • Vandalism leading to non-operational parts
      • Poor maintenance resulting in dirty stations
      • Bad taste due to old filters

Ensure your community benefits from the infrastructure you provide through:

      • Routine maintenance
      • Regular filter replacement

CIVIQ have a national team to service the units and make sure they are kept in tip-top shape.

If you are looking for a water dispensing unit for an indoor or outdoor area, a school, sporting complex, or community space – it is important to select the right product for you.
CIVIQ has the largest range of water dispensing units in Australia. Combined with local manufacturing capabilities, this means we can supply solutions that are tailored to your space and specific requirements.


Reach out today and let’s work together to make fresh and free drinking water available in your community.

You will be connected to a consultant who looks after your local area. They will be happy to guide you through the process of deciding what product suits your space and community and ensure it is safe and clean.


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