Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain Hydrates Riverside Park Visitors

Riverside Park visitors enjoying drinking on an Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain
      • Customer: Lambeth Reserve  Riverside Park and Playground
      • Industry: Open Spaces and Playgrounds  
      • Product: Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain  

Bold Drinking Fountain a Welcome Addition in Popular Park   

Lambeth Reserve is a popular park located along the Georges River. Locals flock to this place to enjoy the play equipment, a little beach, sheltered picnic benches and plenty of open space.   

A Bold Drinking Water Fountain ensures the public can stay hydrated. And at the same, reduce reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. This compact and robust solution is ideal for parks and open spaces. Places where you need a vandal-resistant and hardwearing drinking water solution.  

Riverside Park visitors drinking and refilling their water bottles in an Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain

Lambeth Reserve is a place to play, socialise and relax   

You’ll find Lambeth Reserve on the Georges River. The reserve provides opportunities for many different people. Young and old gather to play, socialise, exercise or enjoy the river surrounds. The reserve also links onto a wheelchair-accessible track. The popular track follows the Georges river along boardwalks and footpaths, all the way to Picnic Point. Dogs are permitted at the park if on a leash.   

Where people gather, easy access to fresh and clean drinking water is a must. The local council worked with the team at Civiq to determine what would be the most suitable drinking water station for the popular park.   

Riverside Park visitors drinking on an Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain

Problems with plastic waste, accessibility and salt water are solved by the Bold Drinking Fountain   

Easy access to fresh and clean drinking water is a must for any public space. Not only does it help people to stay hydrated. It also helps cut down reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. And with that the waste it generates.   

This includes access for people of all abilities. Children, dog owners, runners and also people with disabilities. They all need to be able to enjoy the park and stay hydrated.  

The park is located in bushland, along a salty river. Regular maintenance of public facilities can be an issue in such locations. It requires a hardwearing, vandal-resistant drinking water station made from marine-grade steel.   

At the same time, the drinking fountain needs to be non-obtrusive to the environment. After all, this park’s greatest asset is the beautiful surroundings of nature and wildlife.   

A girl posing beside of an Aquafil Bold Hydration Station installed at Lambeth Reserve An image of a kid with his water bottle in Lambeth Reserve Park

Lambeth chooses the compact and robust Bold Drinking Fountain to hydrate the community.   

The reserve needs a multifunctional and hardwearing drinking water solution. So it can cater to all different people using the park and account for its close location to salty water.     

The Bold Drinking Fountain is made from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. This makes the drinking fountain suitable for use near salt water or where an extra robust and durable solution is required. Compact and with a low profile, the drinking water station is wheelchair accessible and child friendly. It offers both a fountain to drink from, as well as a bottle refill outlet. Bottle refills are especially popular with walkers and joggers who frequent the park to enjoy the boardwalk along the river.  

In addition, the Bold Drinking Fountain offers the option to add a sub-surface or swinging dog bowl. This ensures that our canine friends can quench their thirst. It also helps the wildlife living in the reserve. They are often seen taking a drink from the dog bowl.  

Bold Drinking Fountain brings joy to the community

I’m a local parent with young children, and Lambeth Reserve is a favourite spot. Being able to refill a bottle of water, means we can enjoy our stay there for longer periods. The fountain is placed close to the playground. The kids incorporate operating the fountain into their games and play. They love working together to help their friends to stay hydrated. For us as parents, this has made it easier to make water their preferred drink. Bonus points for not needing to carry all our own water in, and instead getting it fresh and clean from the tap. The drinking fountain is a great addition to a favourite park.  

Riverside Park visitors utilising a Civiq Drinking Water Station installed at Lambeth Reserve

Visitors bring reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste.   

Lambeth Reserve is as popular as ever and the trend of people bringing their own reusable bottles to refill is here to stay. We see increased visitors bringing water bottles. And, we see a decrease in the amount of waste in the bins. The drinking fountain is popular with all visitors, is standing up against the harsh environment. It’s great to see the local wildlife benefiting from the water also.

Upgrade your local park’s drinking water fountain   

If you know a park or playground that could enjoy an upgrade in its drinking water facilities let us know. We would love to work with the local council or facilities manager to select a suitable drinking water product.

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