Qudos Bank Arena installs drinking water stations for event attendees

Qudos Bank Arena main entrance

CIVIQ has teamed up with Qudos Bank Arena to install two premium drinking water stations for concert goers within the arena’s main foyer.

Qudos Bank Arena is located within the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct, located approximately 17km west of the Sydney CBD. The arena is the largest indoor entertainment and sporting arena in Australia and caters many concerts, events and conferences throughout the year.

Being such a large entertainment venue, the arena needed to provide drinking water for the many patrons who attend their events.

For the safety of patrons and staff, the arena prohibits patrons to enter the arena with their own cans or bottles. Bottles and cans can be purchased within the arena, but this increases the amount of plastic waste which is something that the arena wanted to reduce.

The arena needed a solution to minimise single-use plastic waste and provide accessible drinking water to patrons and staff in a more environmentally conscious way.

Arena facility staff contacted CIVIQ for a solution, due to the company’s reputation in public drinking water stations.

CIVIQ recommended the Elkay EZH2O Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station, which provides an all in one solution with water that is both filtered and refrigerated.

Having a quick fill rate for the fasted paced environment of the arena, plus a wheel-chair and child-accessible design, made the product a perfect fit for Qudos Bank Arena.

It also features sanitary no-touch bottle refill activation, which makes the unit a hygienic option for busy public spaces.

Elkay EZH20 Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station installed inside Qudos Bank Arena
Elkay EZH20 Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station installed inside Qudos Bank Arena

CIVIQ installation specialist, Kieran Jarrett, commented on the project:

“It was great to install our Elkay water stations in such a high profile and busy facility as Qudos Bank Arena. The product is a great fit and looks awesome against the arena’s colourful mural backdrop.”

The water stations were installed in the foyer adjacent to the main stage area. Since installation, the arena staff mentioned that the units were highly needed not only to keep patrons hydrated but also in providing an alternative to expensive bottled water.

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