Premium Elkay Drinking Water Stations Land at Adelaide Airport

Premium Elkay EZH2O SwirlFlo Bi-level Drinking Water Stations with Dual-height Drinking Fountain installed at Adelaide Airport

Civiq has teamed up with Adelaide Airport to deliver six premium dual-height drinking fountain and water bottle refilling stations in its passenger terminals.

Customer feedback from a survey, conducted by Adelaide Airport in 2016, indicated that travellers felt there was a lack of drinking water amenities. In particular, results indicated that there was no dedicated area that allowed users to fill up their drink bottles before boarding their flights.

With this insight, The Adelaide Airport began searching for robust drinking water dispensing solution that could withstand high usage rates, be accessible for all users, and tie in seamlessly with the modern terminal architecture.

Airport managers contacted Civiq for guidance and were presented with a number of solutions, including a range of Elkay wall mounted drinking fountains ideally suited to indoor public environments.

Management staff selected the Elkay SwirlFlo Bi-level Fountain with Integral EZH2O Bottle Filling Station, due to its all-on-one drinking fountain and bottle refill functionalities, inbuilt refrigeration and water filtration – and smart looks.

The dual-height drinking fountain basins grant easy access for young children as well as wheelchair users. The bottle filler’s sanitary no-touch sensor helps provide users with a fast and hands-free way to fill up their drink bottles before their departure, while the in-wall installation allows for a seamless, flush wall finish.

Civiq Sales Representative, Brittany Thompson, worked with facility managers to oversee the product selection and installation.

“Adelaide Airport were great to work with. The Elkay SwirlFlo EZH2O is a great fit for the airport environment because the dual-height design of the unit means that everyone has access to drinking water.’

“The product looks great, and ties in nicely with the newly upgraded washroom facilities. The airport has done a fantastic job at responding to customer feedback.’

Six brand new Elkay SwirlFlo EZH2O drinking water stations are available for both domestic main airport passengers and international travellers prior to immigration and on arrival.

Travellers have several dedicated areas for filling up their water bottles in easily identifiable and accessible circulation and lounge zones.

The hydration stations are not only keeping patrons hydrated but are also encouraging users to move away from generating unnecessary waste from single-use bottled drink purchases.

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