Playground Fun for Everyone

as part of Playground Fun for Everyone project, a child enjoying in a swing at park with Aqaufil Drinking Water Stations

A new playground in Cremorne Point has opened and it has everything that kids have been missing during isolation, a Playground Fun for Everyone!

In fact, one eager little boy was so happy to see it coming to life, he brought the contractors who were putting the finishing touches on the new playground a packet of Tim Tams and a card that said: “Thank you for building me a new playground.”

The Sirius Street Playground features a range of play equipment that caters to all levels of mobility including an all-access swing, a multi-person carriage rocker, a spinning cable pyramid and a custom-designed cubby space with a talk-tube that connects with the lookout platform on the lower level.

The original playground, which was constructed in 2001, had a maritime theme. The new playground also incorporates this theme with a sandstone pelican sculpture and genuine maritime elements, including a ship’s bollard and a re-purposed pier post.

The playground was carefully designed to work in with the steep landform and to capitalise on the shaded garden setting. A new graded pathway leads from the street to the main level= of the terraced play space.

North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson said playgrounds are treasured by the community. “Sirius Playground is a wonderful place for parents and grandparents to meet up and take their children for a play,” the Mayor said.

“It has everything you need to make it the perfect play space including ample seating, an accessible bubbler and bottle refill station, a range of play activities and it’s all fenced.”

“I expect a lot of local families will be taking a longer visit to this exceptional playground.”

Over 20 Aquafil FlexiFountain 1500BF drinking fountain and bottle filling stations have been installed in different parks and playgrounds around the North Sydney area. The drinking water station is the ideal solution for outdoor areas given its stainless steel construction and hard-wearing exterior making it easy to maintain and vandal resistant. The customisable graphics panel is utilised by the Council as identification signage to mark the different locations where the units are installed. To provide a premium drinking water experience for the community North Sydney Council opts to include a filter in all their units. Dog bowls are included in dog-friendly areas so that our furry friends are well hydrated too!

News sourced from North Sydney Council.

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