Plan Your Club Upgrades for the summer

A football stadium for NSW Government Sports Grants

Summer is almost here, and it is shaping up to be an interesting season with the presence of COVID-19. The government has released COVID-19 Safe Strategies, there are different plans for different industries, and they all provide advice on:

• Hygiene and safety
• Physical distancing
• Recording contact details of staff and customers
• Staff wellbeing

The hygiene and safety guidelines include the following items on the COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist:

Icons showing how to practice good hygiene in sports stadium

Secure Grant Funding in NSW

NSW has 2 grants available for local clubs! Eligible applicants may receive funding to upgrade their facilities.

Local Sports Grant Program

The Local Sport Grant Program (LSGP) aims to increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sports in NSW. Through this program the state aims to achieve:

      • Everyone in NSW participating in sports and recreation
      • Everyone in NSW has access to sports and recreation
      • Growth in the sport and active recreation sector in NSW

Category 2 of the NSW ATP Cup Tennis Legacy Fund

The NSW Government is investing $1.2 million into the Fund with $1.2 million matched funds from Tennis NSW. Tennis NSW is committed to providing additional funds to support the Tennis NSW strategy that will increase the total overall funding available to over $5m.

Eligible projects Facility Development or Upgrade that improve the participation experience or deliver more participation opportunities:

      • Upgrade or development to increase the number of people who can participate
      • Upgrade or development that increases the type of tennis activities that can be delivered
      • Upgrade or development that enhances venue sustainability
        Facility development that addresses barriers to participation

Find out more about the open Grants by clicking here and contact our team for a quote to complete your application.

Drinking water stations
Hand washing stations
Outdoor showers
Notice board & poster displays
Bicycle security
Wayfinding signage
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