10 Reasons why every public swim spot should feature an outdoor shower

FlexiShower Outdoor Shower with Drinking Fountain featured at Busselton Beach

The CIVIQ team gives ten key reasons why every public swimming area deserves an outdoor shower

Australians are famous for their outdoor lifestyle, and swimming is an integral part of this. In the summer months, scorching heat drives many people to beaches and public pools, as a way to cool down, have fun and keep fit.

But going out to swim can have its drawbacks. Returning home from the beach with that salty, sandy feeling – or that strong chlorine smell from the pool – can be a real nuisance. Outdoor showers are a quick and easy way for users to get clean, rinse off surfboards and swim equipment, and head home feeling refreshed.

CIVIQ’s outdoor shower range has been developed with this in mind, offering an ideal solution for all kinds of public swim spots.

Here are 10 reasons why we think every public swim spot should feature an outdoor shower.

Couple at beach with feet in water

  1. Outdoor showers remove dirt, salt, and sand

    After a relaxing swim, you want to be able to wash off the dirt and sand from not only your body but also your clothing and swim equipment – and an outdoor shower is ideal for this.

    People who don’t want to wash their full body can utilise the shower station’s foot-wash nozzles, to rinse off sandy feet before getting in the car or putting their shoes back on.

  2. Convenience

    Outdoor showers are ideal as they can be located right next to the swimming spot. Swimmers can get that clean feeling immediately after exiting the water, instead of having to wait until they first get home.

    Their convenience and accessibility make outdoor showers a real value-add to any swimming destination and promote return visits.

    A man happily showering in the rain

  3. Outdoor showers are an efficient and economical alternative to conventional change rooms

    Compared to indoor change rooms, outdoor showers have a number of benefits that many facility users – and facility managers – will appreciate. An outdoor shower is an economical solution, which requires substantially less space than a built-in change room.

    They can easily be cleaned and maintained, and unlike most change rooms, there is no need to worry about locking up overnight – giving facility users 24/7 access.

    Installing an outdoor shower can make it easier for parents with small children to quickly wash, without the need to worry about gender-defined change rooms.

    Beach-visiting pet owners also love outdoor showers, as they can shower their dog and themselves at the same time! Don’t forget to shake off dry!

    Three children happily diving into a pool

  4. Reduce the spread of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs)

    People are at a higher risk of contracting an RWI at pools in comparison to beaches. Illnesses are typically spread through microscopic levels of fecal matter, which can be found on the skin or clothes, and then transferred to the pool water.

    Although facility managers do their best to keep chlorinated pool water clean, such illnesses can be minimised by ensuring swimmers shower before and after entering the pool water. Parents can encourage this by ensuring their children shower as well.

  5. Rinse off the chlorine smell with an outdoor shower

    Showering after a swim at the pool can help get rid of that yucky chlorine smell on the skin. For some people with sensitive skin, if chlorine is left unwashed for an extensive period of time, it can cause irritations or rashes.

    Chlorine can also potentially damage hair and bleach clothing if not washed out within an appropriate time, so showering is a real must.

    A boy fighting waves at a beach shore

  6. Outdoor showers are a great way to cool down

    Having a cold shower is the best feeling on hot summer days. Plus, for those living in humid, tropical climates, cold outdoor showers can be appreciated all year round!

    Beachside outdoor showers are also great after a workout, or even simply from hot feet on the sand.

    For those who have forgotten to apply sunscreen, a cool outdoor shower can also help temporarily relieve sunburn. (Though we recommend you use sunscreen as your first option!)

    People washing up in a waterfalls

  7. Outdoor showers create a luxurious & relaxing atmosphere

    If you enjoy taking long showers, you’re going to love it even more with the addition of fresh air, beautiful natural scenery, and day or night showers. By simply including an outdoor shower, you can turn any location into a relaxation zone. Adding a shower to an outdoor space can give a public space an instant resort-like feeling!

    A young girl drinking from a drinking water fountain with her dad and brother

  8. A great way to rehydrate

    CIVIQ’s signature outdoor shower, the Aquafil FlexiShower, has the option to include a range of additional features such as a drinking fountain and dog drinking bowl, keeping both people and pets hydrated and healthy.

    Staying hydrated is especially important on a hot day or after completing a workout. The drinking fountain functionality makes it easy to refill your bottle and reduces waste from unnecessary single-use plastic.

    Combining an all-in-one shower and drinking fountain is also simple and offers an economical alternative solution compared to installing separate and more costly products.

    Two dogs playing in a beach shore

  9. The ultimate one-stop dog cleaning facility!

    Pet owners will know that their beach-loving dogs can get extra sandy after their swim in the ocean. An outdoor shower is a perfect way to remove dirt, sand, and salt from dogs before the journey back home.

    A spacious outdoor shower facility can make this an easy, fun, and entertaining activity for all!

  10. Facility users will love you!

    The public always appreciates useful and well-designed amenities. Pool and beachgoers will leave feeling fresh, clean and comfortable. Great facilities encourage return actions – and outdoor showers are especially important for holiday sites!

    Surfer utilising the FlexiShower outdoor shower with drinking water station by the beach supplied by CIVIQ
    Surfer utilising the outdoor shower by the beach, FlexiShower supplied by CIVIQ

    Introducing the Aquafil FlexiShower: the ultimate outdoor shower

    CIVIQ’s signature FlexiShower product is suitable for a range of outdoor areas, such as swimming pools, beaches, rivers, campgrounds, and recreation facilities.

    The product can be configured with single or dual-sided shower heads and comes with a 20-second timer push button to prevent water wastage.

    Family washing up with the outdoor shower at Busselton Beach, WA
    Family washing up with the outdoor shower at Busselton Beach, WA

    Hand and foot wash nozzles are located on the side of the station, while the 2100mm height of the structure creates visual prominence in public spaces. It also features space for signage or custom artwork, such as decorative motifs, facility branding, or even usage instructions and diagrams.

    The FlexiShower features multiple drainage options, designed for a range of applications including sandy beach areas as well as spaces with hard paved surfaces.

    Aquafil FlexiShower outdoor shower featured at Western Australia's popular beach, Busselton Beach
    Aquafil FlexiShower is featured at Western Australia’s popular beach, Busselton Beach

    A drinking fountain basin, a range of dog drinking bowls, filtering, and chilling water options are also available.

    The FlexiShower is made from a combination of corrosion- and vandal-resistant stainless steel and marine-grade aluminium. The engineering is designed for robust performance in public coastal settings, with a heavy-duty structure and electropolish finish to prevent ‘tea staining’.

    Kids using the Aquafil outdoor shower with drinking water fountain at Busselton Beach in Western Australia, supplied by CIVIQ
    Visitors to Busselton Beach (WA) making use of the Aquafil FlexiShower outdoor shower product, supplied by CIVIQ

    Outdoor showers are a must for every public swimming spot

    An outdoor shower is an efficient and effective way to keep swimming facility users clean and cool. They can help reduce the spread of water-born illnesses and also remove the smell of chlorine from the skin.

    CIVIQ’s FlexiShower is a versatile, multi-purpose product making it an ideal choice for every public swim spot. They make a great compliment to any Australian outdoor swimming destination.

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