Hygienic Features That Make CIVIQ Products Ideal for Healthy Communities

A girl using CIVIQ Drinking Water Stations installed at Clifton with Hygienic Features for Healthy Communities.

The team at CIVIQ takes a lot of pride in the products that we bring to the market. We understand that communities trust our products to deliver fresh and clean water to keep members hydrated at all times. We take our promise to help create healthier, happier communities very seriously, so we place hygiene at the heart of our product design.

Some of the hygienic highlights of our drinking water stations include:


A drainage icons for left and right water flow hygienic features for Healthy Communities

The water flows to the left and to the right of user contact on our drinking water stations. This is unlike other drinking fountain designs where the water flows upwards and then comes back down into the drain which increases the risk of contaminated water sources.


A water bottle icons for SILVER-ION PROPERTIES hygienic features for Healthy Communities

Our units feature anti-bacterial bottle refill points and they have silver-impregnated plastic. But why silver? Silver metal has been valued for its ability to help keep food and water from going bad. Silver atoms can actually kill bacteria, fungi, moulds and even some viruses.


A drainage icons for SILVER-ION PROPERTIES hygienic features for Healthy Communities

Water flows away from the point of contact so no residue is left at the user interface eliminating any chance of buildup of algae, mildew or mould.


An icons for Mouth Guard hygienic features

Our drinking fountains have different types of mouth guards, all of which are effective in preventing users from putting their mouth on the bubbler as they drink from the fountain


An icons for BUTTON ACTIVATION PLACEMENT hygienic features for Healthy Communities

The button to activate the drinking fountain is found below the bowl. The bowl then acts as a shield for the spout and prevents the user’s hands from touching and contaminating the spout as they use the unit.


An icons for HANDS FREE ACTIVATION OPTIONS hygienic features

A range of activation options are available in our different units. In response to COVID-19, we were able to develop and expand our hands-free units from sensor-activated stations to foot-operated units that are applicable in both indoor and outdoor settings.


An icons for BACKFLOW PREVENTION hygienic features for Healthy Communities

CIVIQ’s products incorporate a backflow prevention system to reduce the chances of contamination to the main water source.


An icons for WaterMark hygienic features

Our commitment to safety and quality ensured we transitioned to brass free plumbing in all our water products which allow us to provide assurance to our clients that water coming through our fountains is lead-free and safe to drink. CIVIQ products meet the requirements of ASNZ4020 and WaterMark.

These are just some of the hygienic features that we have incorporated into our products to continuously deliver on our promise to help build healthier, happier communities.

Contact our team today to find the best solution for your community, and we can help you find the perfect hydration station for your space.

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