Hydration to Combat the Summer Heat

The importance of accessible drinking water stations everywhere

Summer is usually the peak of outdoor activities for many Australians. With many options for activities like sport, surfing, hiking, camping, it is no wonder that we see more people out and about during this season than any other.

It goes without saying that summer in Australia is known for its extremely high temperatures with some areas hitting 49oC through the day. These temperatures cause many health issues, which range from dizziness to severe heatstroke.

There are a few things to remember on how to combat the summer heat as well as to stay safe and healthy during these warmer months :

an image of students drinking in a hydration station with tips to Hydration to Combat the Summer Heat

The most important advice to combat the summer heat is by keeping hydrated, doing so will help regulate body temperature and battle the serious side effects of prolonged heat exposure.

Does your community have access to drinking water where they need it most?

To ensure the safety and health of everyone, drinking water should be available where communities would normally gather. Think about the common places where people spend their leisure time, below are some examples of some popular areas within your community:

Popular Areas where to install Hydration Stations

Find the best location to install your drinking water station

In choosing the right position for your water stations, consider the following guidelines:

Tips on a best spot where to install a Hydration Station to Combat the Summer Heat

How many drinking water stations do I need?

Now that you’ve determined the importance of drinking water stations within your various spaces and you’ve pinpointed the ideal location for each of them, do you know how many stations will effectively serve your community? This is a common question that our team gets asked about. The International Plumbing Code Section 403.1 has set the following guidelines:

Although this is good advice for what would serve your community, most spaces choose to have more than this ratio to accommodate for surges in foot traffic, particularly in summer periods.

CIVIQ designs and manufactures a wide variety of drinking water stations to suit varying project scopes and budgets, and even increase the efficiency of water dispensing. Choose from our indoor and outdoor range of products and select from different add-ons like additional drinking bowls, dog bowl, filters, and chillers.

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