Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia keeps their guests hydrated with new Elkay water refilling stations and drinking fountains

Entrance in Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia featuring Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia installs Elkay bottle filling stations and drinking fountains to provide guests with free access to drinking water and to eliminate plastic waste.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast in Malaysia has collaborated with Elkay to deliver drinking water stations across the accommodation complex.

The stunning resort provides an amplified experience to their guests by offering top-quality amenities and unparalleled services. They required a solution for fresh and easily-accessible drinking water fountains to keep patrons hydrated – and partnered with Elkay to achieve this objective.

Huge gold guitar statue placed on the entrance of Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia

Located only a driving distance from Singapore, the hotel is a convenient site for an escape to a destination full of fun and entertainment which accommodates to families, honeymooners, groups and business travelers.

The hotel needed to provide filtered drinking water stations in multiple high-foot-traffic areas. There was an extensive range of options to choose from but they decided on the Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Station with a single drinking fountain and the Elkay Easy Touch Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain.

An art design with a Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast caption placed on the entrance of the hotel

Both Elkay units are a wall-mounted solution for indoor use. The unit is developed with durable stainless steel materials which resist corrosion and tea-staining – ensuring that the visual appeal and structural integrity of the unit are maintained over time. The product comes with inbuilt filters and refrigeration as standard and has an inbuilt green ticker which counts the number of bottles saved from waste – a great way of reminding users that refilling water bottles can benefit the environment.

The introduction of a bottle filling station and drinking water fountain is an innovative and more efficient alternative to supplying water to guests rather than the typical vending machines generally located in the main lobby that comes at an additional cost to visitors. Facilitating access to water refilling stations and water bubblers makes it possible to offer clienteles a healthy, eco-friendly and economical hydration option and reduces waste made from purchasing single-use plastic bottled drinks.

a man drinking and utilising Elkay wall mounted Drinking Fountain

Facility users have chilled and filtered drinking water available, which is free to use and can be accessed by a simple push-of-the-button. The drinking water stations are also allowing patrons to save money and provides them a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

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