Water Refilling Stations Winning Gold on the Gold Coast

City of Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2100BF

Civiq has teamed up with the City of Gold Coast to introduce fourteen permanent drinking water stations in key locations along the coast, along with six semi-portable formats in time for the 2018 Commonwealth games.

Gold Coast Water and Waste, a division of the City of Gold Coast, wanted to provide useful amenities and promote a healthy, environmentally-friendly community lifestyle through a series of drinking water refilling stations for locals and game visitors.

In partnership with Yarra Valley Water’s “Choose Tap” initiative, the council contacted Civiq to seek an appropriate water dispensing solution – with a tight turnaround in time for the games. The councils also pinpointed that wastage from plastic bottles is one of the highest items of litter and sought a solution to reduce this.

The drinking water stations needed to be strong, vandal-resistant, and corrosion-resistant to maintain a long service life in the coastal environment.

Civiq recommended the Aquafil 2100BF drinking fountain and water bottle refilling station because of its slim-line design and durable construction for outdoor public spaces. The model is also available in a semi-portable design which can be later configured for permanent installation.

Gold Coast Precinct Station

The station is manufactured using marine-grade stainless steel, which helps prevent ‘tea-stain’ blemishes, a common problem found in salty, coastal locations. The 2100mm height of the units means that there is a large-scale signage panel area for displaying customisable messages to the community.

The products feature two water bottle refill nozzles on each side of the unit with a DDA-compliant drinking fountain basin that can be easily accessed by children as well as wheelchair users – enabling all users to have easy access to drinking water. Swinging dog bowls have also been installed on several units to allow a pet-friendly solution as well.

Fourteen permanent hydration stations have now been installed throughout the Gold Coast, starting at Coomera Indoor Sports Centre and running through popular areas including South Port, Surfers Paradise Esplanade, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, and Rainbow Bay.

The city of Gold Coast has selected these areas based on foot traffic, especially keeping in mind the influx of visitors for the 2018 games.

Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast, sampled the new water refilling stations and spoke to the media about the importance of providing water amenities in public spaces.

“It’s absolutely essential, water is life,” he said.

“Through this year, we will investigate some further parks and install some more [drinking fountains]”.

While there are a number of permanent drinking water stations available in parks and trails in major suburbs, six semi-portable units have been organised for the Commonwealth Games.

These units have been arranged outside venues of sporting events to provide spectators with an easily accessible source of fresh drinking water.

At the conclusion of the Games, the semi-portable units will be transformed into fixed free-standing drinking water refilling stations that will be available for use in additional parks and outdoor locations along with the metro and coastal regions of the Gold Coast.

Members of the Gold Coast community now have extensive drinking water amenities with bottle refill nozzles and drinking fountain bubblers available across the region.

The water stations not only encourage healthy water consumption but also promote the reuse of personal water bottles as an alternative to purchasing plastic bottled water – helping save plastic waste.

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