Fresh Clean Drinking Water at Every Event

Aquafil Eventa for a Drinking Water at Every Event

“In my opinion, every single event, regardless of the scale, generally needs complimentary water having multiple events, whether it’s 100 people or 5,000 people or 15,000 people providing them with complimentary water is essential so that they can stay hydrated at events where it’s relatively hot, but also help the environment rather than having disposable  containers and water bottles that are given out complimentary, if there’s an alternative option that [disposable containers and water bottles] should probably be deterred if we can help it.”

Louise Manning of Hunter Events Group faces the task of providing safe, clean drinking water to her attendees in every event that she organises. Most of her events take place in outdoor spaces during the day and the hot sun presents some danger to the participants.

For an outdoor event with 5,000 attendees and runs for 4 hours, it is estimated that each individual will need to consume at least 2 litres of water in order to prevent dehydration. This would mean that there will be 20,000 single-use 500ml plastic bottles to be disposed of at the end of the event.

According to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), “87% of event attendees want the event they are attending to be clean and free of litter, and support waste wise practices and want well-organised waste and recycling services.”

The challenge is clear, how do we provide proper hydration to our attendees without accumulating large piles of waste?

The City of Sydney launched Sustainable Sydney 2030 and Leave Nothing to Waste Strategy and Action Plan. The initiative aims to divert 90% of waste across their operations, residences, and businesses. Specific guidelines have been set out for events and services which will phase out single use items from events in the city, these include:

        • Bottled water
        • Plastic straws
        • Plastic serveware
        • Plastic utensils
        • Promotional flyers
        • Plastic single-use sampling/giveaways
        • Single-use cups

In an effort to mount a sustainable event, Louise’s team have looked at alternatives to disposable drink bottles, “I’ve run events previously where we had 10L containers of water and the amount of effort we had to go to be able to have people be able to access that, it was a headache. We spent most of the day carrying these 10L containers to these stations which, was exhausting.”

Aquafil Eventa

The Aquafil Eventa was designed and manufactured with challenges of event management driving the key features and build of the bottle filling station. With two anti-microbial bottle filling points, the Eventa helps reduce queues and eliminates the chances of cross-contamination. The unit is portable and compact, which means that it can be easily transported to events and stored when not in use.  The graphics panels allow the unit to display event branding, messaging, or advertisements and can be changed as often as required.

The team at Hunter Events Group has had the chance to have the Aquafil Eventa at one of their events. On a hot December day in Newcastle, the Aquafil Eventa dispensed clean, fresh, and free drinking water to their attendees. Louise says that;

“Having a water station where people can just easily help themselves, refill their own bottles, and something that we can actually market prior to the event so that they’re ready for that I think is ideal.”

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