Events: Access to Fresh and Clean Drinking Water

A boy drinking on his reusable water bottle beside Aquafil Eventa Portable Drinking Water Stations

End the need for overpriced, single-use plastic bottled water at your event

Every single event, regardless of the scale, should include easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. Water is essential for attendees to stay hydrated. Especially during our relatively hot, summer months!

Are you are organising Community Carols, a Charity Fun Run, or Farmers Market? There are many benefits in making the change to cut the need for the sale of overpriced single-use plastic water bottles and provide access to drinking water at no charge.

A portable water station, designed specifically for the community events space, is an economical and convenient solution. Choose to rent when you are hosting a one-off event, or buy when you are regularly organising events in your community.

4 Key reasons why you should make the switch to supplying free drinking water at your event:

Meet your sustainability goals

Go green by ending the need for single-use plastic water bottles. It takes 450 years for a single-use plastic water bottle to decompose. On top of that, as I’m sure you know, the production and transport of single–use plastic water bottles has significant negative environmental impacts.

a man picking up a single–use plastic water bottles which has significant negative environmental impacts

Reduce your event waste management bills

Save yourselves huge volumes of unnecessary and unsightly waste. By ending the need to supply countless bins to manage single-use plastic water bottle waste, you save time and money. Single-use plastic water bottle waste takes up a lot of space in bins. Bins that need to be placed all around your event space. When it misses the bin, it usually ends up on the ground. This waste creates potential tripping hazards and generally looks messy. The more people attend your events, the more waste they will create. It all adds up.

Create a sponsoring opportunity or a space to promote your message

Imagine your brand message or that of a sponsor of the event on the station supplying a free, fresh, and healthy hydration service. And to every person attending your event! The interchangeable graphic panels provide many opportunities for messages around branding, sustainability or communicating valuable information about the event.

A Boy filling up his water bottle from an Aquafil Eventa a portable water stations supplying clean drinking water for any events

Keep your audience healthy, happy, and hydrated

Access to fresh and clean drinking water encourages guests to drink more water. Therefore, it prevents attendees from feeling dehydrated. This is important because there are potentially serious health effects that go with being dehydrated! Above all, staying hydrated helps with temperature regulation, improves overall well-being, and affects mood in a positive way. Studies have shown that mood improves with water intake.

7 Features to look for when choosing a water station for your event:

Lightweight and portable

Choose a unit that can be carried by one person with ease. Because the Eventa comes in a suitcase with build-in wheels, weighing less than 25kg it i can be transported into place by just about anyone.

Single person set up and set down

Ensure no time is wasted in the setup and set down of your portable drinking water station. For instance, the Eventa can be ready to use within 5 minutes. This short video below shows the steps of how to set up the portable hydration station with ease.

Complete package

On the day of your event, the last thing you want to do is spend time looking for tools or accessories. The Eventa requires no tools to complete the set up. It also comes complete with hoses and adapters to suit different taphole dimensions.

Guia Taylor of Civiq Marketing Staff preparing the Aquafil Eventa a portable drinking water stations

Internal drainage

Avoid creating puddles of water around the station by choosing a drinking water station with internal drainage to catch any water that misses the bottle. The Eventa comes complete with a 10m hose guiding the water to a nearby garden bed or drain.

Product Features of Aquafil Eventa Portable Water Stations

Ease of use

Everyone deserves access to fresh and free drinking water. The Eventa has been tried and tested by people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Water bottles are filled by pressing a simple button. Release the button and the water flow stops. Easy peasy!

Dual access

Avoid queues and hydrate your event attendees promptly by supplying more access points in a single solution. The Eventa can be accessed and used from both the front and the back and can be used by two people at the same time.

Guia Taylor, part of Civiq team refilling her bottle into Aquafil Eventa a portable drinking water stations

Personalised graphics

Your event – your style. You should be able to choose whether you provide your sponsors with an opportunity to advertise, choose to communicate your event or sustainability message. The interchangeable graphics panel of the Eventa comes with anti-graffiti protection and will be created to your specifications.

Join the fight against single-use plastic waste by supplying access to free, fresh, and clean drinking water. Get in touch today.


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