CIVIQ’s brand new drinking station becomes a feature in Sydney metro stations

Elegri Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station featured at the Northwest Rail Link

NSW public transport project provides CIVIQ with the opportunity to partner with Fleetwood Urban and Hassell Architects in the design of an elegant new drinking fountain.

Sydney Metro Northwest is currently in the midst of constructing eight new railway stations and 4000 commuter car parking spaces to serve those stations. The project also entails offering commuters easy access to clean drinking water, demanding a product that complemented the modern architectural design of the spaces.

Sydney Metro Northwest (formerly the Northwest Rail Link) is the first stage of Sydney’s new public transport infrastructure project and will be the first fully automated metro rail system in Australia. Installation started in March 2018 and eight new stations: Tallawong, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Norwest, Hills Showground, Castle Hill and Cherrybrook should all be completed by the end of the year and in operation soon afterwards.

Map of the Northwest Rail Link stations
Map of the Northwest Rail Link stations

As this brand new infrastructure required the installation of drinking fountains, the engineers Fleetwood Urban partnered with designers Hassell Studio to design an innovative new drinking station. An Australian company was then required to manufacture in-house, supply and install the drinking water units.  The project managers selected CIVIQ for this task because of its expertise and history of working on public projects. CIVIQ already has a large range of drinking water units designed and made in-house to custom specifications.

The brand new Aquafil Elegrí was manufactured by CIVIQ and eight units are now being installed at each metro station. Constructed of sleek stainless steel, they are specially designed for outdoor public environments.

The new Elegri featured at the Sydney Metro Northwest Rail Link
The new Elegri featured at the Northwest Rail Link

This elegant drinking station is wheelchair-accessible and has an anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzle, activated through a push button at the rear of the unit. It also features foot pedal activation for added convenience and hands-free use.

The Aquafil Elegri’s robust performance and stylish design is the perfect solution for premium outdoor architectural settings and community precincts.

Lead Product Designer, Adrian Wilson, states that “developing the Aquafil Elegri in conjunction with Hassell Studio has been a great experience, and we are delighted with the outcome. The project posed a number of unique challenges, and the result is one of the most stylish drinking fountains on the global market”.

Side Profile Elegri Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station at the Northwest Rail Link
Side profile of the Aquafil Elegri drinking water station

It is planned for all drinking water units to be installed by the end of the end of November and the Northwest Rail Link will be open to commuters in early 2019. CIVIQ’s new premium Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station will provide all commuters with clean drinking water, which will be especially welcome during the hotter months.

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