CIVIQ Designs and Manufactures a New Handwashing Station for Port Pirie

Hand Washing Station installed at Port Pirie Regional Council

Port Pirie Regional Council, The Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP), and the Environmental Health Centre (EHC) are proud to collaborate on new health and lead awareness initiatives for Port Pirie.

A new handwashing station has been installed at Flinders View Park, featuring signage and positive messaging around handwashing.

The facility is located inside the playground, adjacent to the picnic tables making it easy for children, in particular, to wash hands after play and before eating. Handwashing and drying can make a significant difference to a child’s intake of lead-contaminated dust.

The new handwashing station was funded by TLAP and installed by Port Pirie Regional Council. EHC were involved with messaging with Pea-bee the green handwashing dinosaur appearing on the unit’s panels.

The handwashing station (Aquafil FlexiWash Jr) was designed and manufactured especially for TLAP by CIVIQ to be easily accessed by young children. The unit has a sensor-activated soap dispenser and a sensor-activated tap. There is also a paper towel for hand drying.

Mayor Leon Stephens welcomed the new handwashing station and thanked all parties involved.

“It is very important in Port Pirie that the messaging around hygiene starts with our children, and the placement of this handwashing station right at the point of play reminds children and parents of the importance,” he said.

Original article from: Port Pirie Regional Council.

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