CIVIQ Develops New Outdoor Shower Stations For Beachside Installation

Surfer utlising the FlexiShower outdoor shower with Drinking Fountain by the beach, supplied by CIVIQ

The engineering team at CIVIQ have developed an innovative outdoor shower product, which features at multiple locations around Busselton beach.

The Aquafil FlexiShower, CIVIQ’s leading shower product, was made for coastal public environments, to withstand high usage rates as well as salty coastal conditions

Further to providing shower facilities to locals, the FlexiShowers also includes options for wheelchair- accessible drinking fountain basins, inbuilt signage panels, foot- and hand- wash water dispensing outlets, dog drinking bowl options, and in-ground drainage ideal for sandy conditions.

Aquafil FlexiShower Outdoor Shower Features Diagram

The shower taps comprise of an inbuilt 20-second timer to prevent water wastage, with the shape of the product providing visibility in public areas and allowing for full-length signage on the reverse side.

The showers are a prime feature of Busselton’s upgraded public foreshore.

Three Outdoor Shower FlexiShower with drinking fountain installed in Busselton Beach

The foreshore upgrade also includes new entertainment, dining areas, expanded landscaping and recreation spaces, skate and sports parks, an information centre, incorporating a range of other facilities.

“The FlexiShower was designed as an extension of our industry-leading FlexiFountain drinking water stations”, explains Product Designer Adrian Wilson.

“As the name suggests, the FlexiShower is flexible in the way it can be configured, with a wide range of options for the shower heads, inbuilt signage, drinking fountain, bottle refill outlet, water filtration, dog drinking bowl and drainage options”, he says.

A view of Busselton Beach

With product testing, the next generation of FlexiShowers has been developed for sandy beach areas, with enhanced sand proof drainage functionalities.

“Our products are very much informed by the feedback we receive from Councils and Facility Managers, and we are constantly improving our products to meet the demands of public use”, Adrian explains.

“The next generation of FlexiShowers now features an enhanced drainage cage, which minimises blockages from sand and debris, with an improved anti-splash, no-slip metal grill for added performance and reduced maintenance requirements”, he says.

A family utilising the FlexiShower outdoor showers

The FlexiShower is manufactured in CIVIQ’s factory in Western Sydney, built with a combination of heavy-duty marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel, which is pre-treated to prevent ‘tea-stain’ blemishes.

The product comprises of a number of hygienic design features, including anti-microbial hand and foot wash water dispensing outlets, and enhanced drainage options to prevent stagnant water build up.

Drinking Water Station installed at Busselton Beach and in use by three kids

Busselton Council also created customised artwork graphics for the units, which includes usage instructions and bright colours for visual prominence.

In addition to the shower functionality, the in-built drinking fountain (on the reverse) provides useful drinking water amenity for beachgoers. It encourages hydration and offers a convenient and free alternative to bottled drinks.

“Feedback from residents, visitors and tourism providers has been overwhelmingly positive”, says City of Busselton Mayor Grant Henley.

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