CIVIQ and Elkay’s H2O HEROES School Competition Winners!

Class picture of Sapphire Coast Anglican College holding a CIVIQ banner as one of our H2O HEROES School Competition Winners

We are proud to announce our CIVIQ and Elkay’s H2O HEROES school competition Winners!  These schools are doing their part to ensure that their students are happy and healthy.

Elliott Heads State School

Elliot Heads, QLD

class image of Elliott Heads State School holding CIVIQ banner as one of our H2O HEROES School Competition Winners

“A recent survey done of our students population reveals that over 80% of students admit to avoiding drinking from the existing bubblers or refilling their own water bottles, with the most popular reason given being “it tastes gross” and “it’s too warm.

Lakeland Senior High School

South Lake, WA

two girls from Lakeland Senior High School holding CIVIQ banner

“Our school is 30 years old and has not had any new water fountains since it opened. We have only a single water fountain for our students to use to fill up water bottles. Our school is in a lower socio-economic area where 80% of our students come from families earning less than 50% of the average national income.

We are a Touch Football Specialist school and quite often need to host several visiting secondary and primary schools. We would also like to encourage students to use a hydration station in an attempt to reduce landfill and litter around the school.”

Murrurundi Public School

Murrurundi, NSW

four students from Murrurundi Public School holding a banner of CIVIQ

“The town of Murrurundi is currently on level 6 water restrictions (the highest possible) due to severe drought conditions and has been for over a year. The town reservoir ran dry and trucks now cart water daily into the town from nearby Scone. Whilst the water passes the necessary tests to be deemed drinkable, it is not palatable. The river at the back of school is dry and the oval has turned to dirt, now we face catastrophic fire conditions.”

Carroll College

Broulee, NSW

Five girls and student of Carroll College each holding a CIVIQ banner

“Reducing rubbish in our area is very important in protecting our environment. Adding a new water station to our school will help to prevent rubbish entering our environment in a variety of ways. Firstly, by adding another water station to our school we will reduce the number of single use plastic bottles entering our landfills and environment.

Secondly, with another water station in place, the school will be able to focus our funding and attention on reducing rubbish in other areas such as refining our recycling and rubbish systems to create an overall more sustainable school.”

Sapphire Coast Anglican College

Bega, NSW

Class picture of Sapphire Coast Anglican College holding a CIVIQ banner as one of our H2O HEROES School Competition Winners

“We have a very old water fountain that was purchased at a garage sale many years ago. It is the only filtered water supply for 330 students. We do have a bubbler trough for the students but the quality is not the best. We live in a rural area on the South Coast and continue through dry times in a farming community. We do not have easy access to funds for this.

Our school has raised $750 to go towards purchasing another water station but we would be sooo grateful for CIVIQ Water Station. We appreciate your initiative in offering this competition to schools.”


Korumburra Secondary College

Korumburra, VIC

an image of two students from Korumburra Secondary College holding a CIVIQ banner as one of our H2O HEROES School Competition Winners

“We have ‘old-school’ drinking taps at the school. Two are working well, but one is in poor condition, rusted out and doesn’t work properly. When the year 7’s arrive at KSC the older students tell them not to use those drinking taps. This means there are no accessible taps near areas where students exercise (i.e. basketball court or handball courts) and there are no available taps for students to refill water bottles.

As such, we sell a large number of disposable, plastic water bottles from our canteen. However, we are currently reviewing our canteen and aligning it with a more environmentally responsible and sustainable model. We would really like not to have to stock water anymore. As a school in a low Socio-economic, rural town we are seeking a new bubbler with the capacity to fill water bottles as we cannot afford to purchase and install one ourselves.”

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