CBP Grant: Q&A with a successful applicant

Student at Model Farms High School posting with Civiq Aquafil Hydrobank Hydration Station

Model Farms High School Receive CBP Grant 

New drinking water stations update old fashioned bubblers

Model Farms High School was a successful applicant for the NSW CBP Grant in 2021.  Find out if you are eligible and what steps you need to take to apply for the  CBP Grant NSW has made available in 2022 . 

We sat down for a Q&A with teacher Matthew Dawson to learn more about his process of selecting drinking water stations and choosing the right locations to achieve the best outcomes for the students and the school.

Model Farms High School upgraded their drinking water facilities after a successful grant application in 2021
Model Farms High School upgraded their drinking water facilities after a successful grant application.
  • Customer Name:  Matthew Dawson
  • School or organisation: Model Farms High School
  • Products installed: Aquafil Hydrobank, Aquafil Pulse Senior 1400B

Q: What can you tell us about your community? What makes it special, what are some of the challenges you face – anything you want to share!

A: Our school is quite an old school, therefore we have very old-fashioned bubblers and no water-saving or sustainability focus. The school also has much after-hours use through a variety of organisations and sporting groups that utilise the school hall, classrooms, and sporting fields.

Model Farms Student utilising Civiq Aquafil Hydrobank drinking fountain
Model Farms students love gathering around their new drinking fountain – the Hydrobank

The P&C were able to fund the purchase of 4 water stations while the grant application was able to fund the purchase of 3 water refill stations.
The Hydrobank drinking fountain outlets replaced the old bubbler system we have at the school.

With the successful grant application, my focus was on creating a more sustainable water delivery system at the school. – Matthew Dawson, teacher at Model Farms High School 

The water refill stations were placed in 3 strategic areas;

  • in the school classroom area,
  • next to the hall,
  • next to the basketball courts.
Model Farms High School Students using their Aquafil drinking fountain and water refilling station
The location for the Pulse drinking fountain was chosen for its proximity to the basketball courts.

Q: Why did you decide to purchase drinking water stations from Civiq, as opposed to our competitors?

A: The large bubbler system was perfect for replacing the old existing bubblers. They also were better with the current Covid situation in terms of hygiene.

The water refill stations were simple and effective. The cost of 3 fitted with the amount I received through the grant process. Civiq also has a good rep and I trusted the product. – Matthew Dawson, teacher at Model Farms High School

Q: What matters to you the most when choosing drinking water products for your community?

A: Strong build, simple mechanism, looks appealing, flexibility in choice/design.

Q: Which doubts or hesitations did you have before purchasing new drinking water stations?

A: The large bubbler system was a simple choice as it replaced the existing bubblers perfectly.

Student at Model Farms High School posting with Civiq Aquafil Hydrobank Hydration Station
The Hydrobank was selected to replace the existing bubblers, providing cost savings at installation.

The free-standing water bottle refill was a bit tricky. I went with no bubbler as I wanted to promote students needing to bring a reusable bottle rather than rely on a bubbler.  Also, kids would stand or sit on the bubbler part and most probably damage the station.

Q: Would you recommend Aquafil by Civiq drinking water stations to others? Why?

A: Yes, easy to work with, good product, not too pushy with sales, fairly quick responses.

Civiq Aquafil Pulse enjoying by Model Farms High School Students
The Aquafil Pulse Senior 1400B is popular with all students.

Do you think your community’s drinking water stations could do with some improvement?

Funding will be made available for NSW communities wanting to upgrade their drinking water facilities. 

CBP welcomes applications from incorporated not-for-profit organisations and local councils.

Speak to one of our team members to get the ball rolling on upgrading your hydration facilities: GET IN TOUCH  

Resources for applicants for the CBP Grant

Detailed information about who can apply, the types of projects we fund, eligibility for funding, the assessment process, and due dates can be found in the 2022 Guidelines below: 

Supporting documents for applicants 

Contact Details 

 Important dates 

Applications open on Monday 16 May 2022  
Applications close Friday 10 June 2022 at 5 pm AEST sharp 
All projects must be completed by 31 March 2024 

Due dates for projects  

31 March 2023  Submit online EFT Banking Details 
31 March 2023  Submit online Funding Deed not requiring Development Consent 
30 June 2023  Submit online Funding Deed requiring Development Consent 
30 July 2023  Submit an online Progress Report 
31 March 2024  Complete project 
30 April 2024  Submit online Completion Report 



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