Aquafil Hydrobank Replacing Old Drinking Troughs Around Victoria

Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station installed at Preston Primary School

Many schools are looking to replace their drinking troughs as they find that their units have worn out through the years from the regular usage of their students and the outdoor location of the drinking stations.

Paul Ward, Director of Blade Recreation in Victoria, has had multiple requests from different schools,

“My team visit these schools regularly and the majority of them are looking for a straightforward solution to replace their existing drinking troughs,”

says Paul. Blade Recreation’s team recommends replacing old drinking troughs with the Aquafil Hydrobank. It is an easy “plug and play” product suitable for locations where existing outdated drinking troughs are earmarked for replacement.

Paul’s team has recently upgraded old drinking troughs at Preston Primary School, Resurrection School, Geelong NTH SC, and Iramoo PS Wyndham Vale

New installed Aquafil Hydrobank from Resurrection School, Geelong NTH SC, Iramoo PS Wyndham Vale and Preston Primary School replacing old drinking troughs.

“These schools are delighted with the design and functionality of the Aquafil Hydrobank because, unlike their old drinking troughs, the Hydrobank offers both bubblers and bottle filling points. There’s really nothing else like them on the market.” says Paul.

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