A Safe Return to School for Victoria

a school class picture after the Victoria Government announced A Safe Return to School for Victoria

A focus on fresh air and a shift to outdoor learning – Important news.

The Victorian Government has announced the biggest investment in education ventilation in Australian history. More than $190 million was made available for initiatives to implement in schools to ensure a safe return to school when they reopen, they stay open. Air purifiers will be rolled out across the state to ensure air is cleared from potentially infectious partials, like coronavirus. Grants will be made available to purchase shade sails with a new focus on creating outdoor learning spaces.

Access to fresh and clean drinking water is essential

After air and shelter, water is the most vital element to survive. At Civiq, we believe that access to fresh and clean drinking water is an essential part of creating happy and healthy campuses.

Students need access to fresh and clean drinking water to ensure they stay hydrated. Learning in an outdoor environment, especially during hot weather, means they need to drink more than usual.

Good hydration helps with regulating body temperature. Expect your students to want to drink a lot more when they are outside, compared to learning from an air-conditioned classroom, especially on hot days. Being dehydrated can cause poor performance, tiredness, headaches, and crankiness — and it can lead to serious medical problems.

Students rely on safe and hygienic solutions

Children depend on adults to ensure they can access drinking water when they need it. By providing access to safe and hygienic solutions you are encouraging them to fill up their bottles when they need to quench their thirst.

Make sure your school is prepared for a safe, happy, and healthy return to school for your students.

Recommended drinking fountains and bottle refill stations for schools

Recommended products for schools are the Aquafil Hydrobank ,the Elkay Vandal-Resistant EZH2O, or the Aquafil Pulse Senior or Junior.

The Aquafil Hydrobank is our largest wall-mounted drinking fountain & bottle refill station, which is distinguished by its numerous water access points. More access points mean that more students can fill up at the same time. Less time lining up and more time to play and learn!

The product features three anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzles as well as three drinking fountains, with an optional inbuilt filter and/or chiller. Its scale, durability, and economic performance make the Aquafil Hydrobank an ideal solution for school campuses and busy sporting complexes.

CIVIQ Aquaifl Hydrobank Installed at Preston Primary School

The Elkay Vandal-Resistant EZH2O is a filtered and chilled drinking fountain and bottle refill station featuring an extra heavy-duty wall-mounted design suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

The unit quickly delivers a clean water bottle fill whilst enhancing sustainability by reducing the user’s dependency on disposable plastic bottles. It even comes with a built-in Green Ticker counting the number of bottles saved from waste.

The Aquafil Pulse Senior bottle refill station is a solution designed for senior school campuses and sports grounds.

The anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzles deliver clean, fresh drinking water, with the added option of an inbuilt filter. Customisable signage graphics on the exterior panels, combined with a vandal-resistant design, make the product an ideal solution for school campuses and public spaces.

The Pulse Junior bottle refill station is a solution designed especially for junior primary and middle school campuses. The station features water access points at a reduced height – ideal for young children – while customisable, vandal-resistant signage panels allow for fun educational artwork to be featured on the exterior.

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Please get in touch with our Victorian team member Jack Adams, at Jacka@civiq.com.au to discuss what options suit your requirements or to place your order.

He will ensure your order is prioritised and ready for delivery and installation within 4 weeks from order confirmation.

Read the Victorian Government announcement.

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