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four school grade students running around the school's corridor

Why Do Your Students Avoid Drinking Water Stations?

What’s stopping your students from keeping hydrated? Keeping bodies hydrated is an important factor in staying healthy. Learn why your Students Avoid Drinking Water Stations?
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People lining up on a pedestrian street practicing social distancing to avoid cross contamination of the disease

What are the Measures to Prevent Cross-contamination

What is cross-contamination and how can we prevent them? There is still the possibility of another spike in the numbers of those infected through cross-contamination.
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A girl using CIVIQ Drinking Water Stations installed at Clifton with Hygienic Features for Healthy Communities.

Hygienic Features That Make CIVIQ Products Ideal for Healthy Communities

The team at CIVIQ takes a lot of pride in the products that we bring to the market. We take our promise to help create healthier, happier communities very seriously.
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two ladies practicing social distancing as part of the Welcome to the new normal

Welcome to the “New Normal”

Welcome to the “New Normal”. Restrictions are starting to ease as the number of COVID-19 cases in Australia continues to decline.
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Class picture of Sapphire Coast Anglican College holding a CIVIQ banner as one of our H2O HEROES School Competition Winners

CIVIQ and Elkay’s H2O HEROES School Competition Winners!

We are proud to announce our CIVIQ and Elkay’s H2O HEROES school competition!
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Washing hands with soap is one of the important purposes of UNICEF Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Play an Important Role in Infection Prevention and Control

The WaSH team at UNICEF works to improve sanitation for poor communities and spread awareness for proper hygiene.
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