5 Water Activities for Kids to Enjoy

Cool Water Activities with kids during long weekend

While we can’t enjoy the usual activities like beach picnics, camping, splash and play activities at the local parks you and the kids can still have fun with water! The Water Heroes at CIVIQ recommend these 5 water activities with your kids during the long weekend, also a great time to teach them the importance of hydration!

Water Bubble painting for kids

1. Water Bubble Painting

Water bubble painting is a classic children’s art activity, and it’s easy to see why – it’s cheap, kids love it, and the results are great!


1. Small plastic containers to hold the paint mixture.
2. Tempera paint in a variety of colours
3. Liquid dish soap
4. Water
5. Straws
6. Small pieces of thick paper


To make my paint solution:

1. Add the tempera paint to the bottom of a plastic container
2. Add a drop of dish soap
3. Filled the container with a couple of inches of water.
4. The solution should be thin enough so that when the kids blow bubbles into the liquid, the bubbles expand over the top of the container.

To paint:

1. Lightly press a small piece of paper over the bubbles.
2. Feel free to add a variety of colours of bubbles to create more beautiful bubble art!

Printed tissue paper art for kids

2. Printed tissue paper art for kids

Do you have paper towels lying around your house? This activity allows your kids to practice their creativity and create cool, abstract and colourful prints.


1. Paper towels
2. Paint
3. Water
4. Spray bottle


1. Fill the spray bottle with water
2. Use water and the spray bottle to get the canvas fairly wet.
3. Cut paper towels into desired shapes and place them on the canvas. You can put them in a single layer or overlap them for more colour mix.
4. Continue spraying water over the painted paper towels
5. Wait 20 minutes and remove the wet paper towels
6. Let the canvas dry completely.

The colours will bleed from the toilet paper onto the canvas, creating a pretty watercolour effect.

Ice Painting

3. Ice Painting

Looking for simpler activities? Maybe you just want to open the pantry and pull out 1 or 2 items that will keep them occupied while you go read a book? Then you might want to try ice painting for kids!

It’s a chilly way to paint and one of the simplest painting activities around.


1. Water
2. Ice trays
3. Food colouring
4. Popsicle sticks
5. Paper


1. Mix water and food colouring in separate glasses/cups
2. Pour the different coloured water into the ice tray trying to fill each section with a different colour
3. Place a popsicle stick into each section of the the ice in the tray
4. Put the ice tray in the freezer
5. Wait for the ice to form
6. Paint using coloured ice

Build your own sprinkler with unused reusable water bottle

4. Build your own sprinkler with unused reusable water bottle

Do you want to keep your outdoor plants happy but don’t have a sprinkler to water them?

With just your used water bottle, and a few simple steps, you can build your own sprinkler.


1. A plastic water bottle
2. Electric tape
3. Drill
4. Garden Hose


1. Drill a number of holes on different sections of the water bottle
2. Attach the garden hose to the opening of the bottle with electrical tape.
3. Turn the tap on and water those plants or let your children play with the sprinklers!

Creating Fireworks in a Jar

5. Creating Fireworks in a Jar

Impress your kids with this simple trick!

This easy science project mimics colourful fireworks explosions and is a perfect water activity for your kids!

You can work together to create the bursts of cascading colour by using water and a few basic ingredients you will likely already have in your pantry.

This simple activity explores the science of liquid densities in a truly mesmerizing way. Your kids will definitely love exploring homemade fireworks in a jar and best of all, no loud noises.


1. Warm water
2. Liquid food colouring
3. Oil
4. Tablespoon
5. Jar
6. Glass or small bowl


1. Fill the tall Jar with warm water
2. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil into the glass or small bowl
3. Add 2 drops of food colouring after that. Stir the oil into the food colouring using a fork
4. Stop once you break the food colouring into smaller drops
5. Next is to pour the oil and colouring mixture into the tall glass.

Now watch! The food colouring will slowly sink in the glass, with each droplet expanding outwards as it falls. Looks like fireworks! Right?

How do you like to spend this time with your family? What fun activities do you enjoy doing with them? We’d love to add your suggestions to our fun water activity list!

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