5 creative ways to use notice boards in school environments

CIVIQ notice board with details about the sports day event that will happen on 28th of September at 9 am to 6 pm in the playground

The team at CIVIQ offers a large variety of innovative, Australian- made notice boards and poster displays, which are ideal for a variety of applications in schools

In today’s information-saturated world, there is a vast range of tools communication that schools can make use of for keeping students, parents and staff informed. Emails, printed newsletters, flyers, posters, social media posts, online forums, WhatsApp networks and LinkedIn groups are typical examples in which community updates can be shared.

Noticeboards and outdoor poster displays are a useful addition for any school campus in facilitating the distribution of information to campus users and visitors. They are a convenient communication tool for displaying important information including events, school announcements, timetables and schedules to parents, students and teachers. Unlike digital tools, these allow for the sharing of information within the school grounds, which gives the information added geographical relevance.

There is a range of different poster and noticeboard display systems available on the market, the ideal product inevitably depends on the environmental application. Indoor spaces such as classrooms, school administration offices and busy corridors may require one type, whereas outdoor school grounds, campus entrances and car park drop off zones may require another.

CIVIQ specialises in the supply of a wide range of Australian-made noticeboard and poster display solutions, suitable for all school campus applications.

Here, the CIVIQ team recommends 5 creative ways that these products can be used to enhance the school environment, and how the CIVIQ product range best fits.

CIVIQ display board on a brick wall being viewed by a student

  1. Displaying student artwork in school grounds

    School notice boards can be used to recognise student artwork accomplishments. It is an effective way to add colour to the school grounds whilst celebrating creativity. When students first hear that their artwork is going to be on display, it can either be frightening for some or it can create extra motivation knowing that their work will be witnessed by their peers!

    For outdoor student art display, the FlexiDisplay ClipLok is an ideal product, with its ultra-heavy-duty performance yet slimline design. The frame features a unique clip-locking method of sealing shut without the use of keys. Instead of keys, a special suction cup can be used to ‘peel off’ the polycarbonate protective sheet to access the artwork inside. It is an ideal vandal-resistant solution and is widely used in Australia’s public transport sector.

    Another reason we love the ClipLok display system is due to its high performance in outdoor environments, especially in bad weather. It is a great product for keeping artwork protected year round, and it won’t tarnish in UV sunlight or rain.

    Premium clip-lockable notice boards at James Erskine Public School with details welcoming the students
    Premium clip-lockable notice boards at James Erskine Public School supplied by CIVIQ.
  2. Communicating important notices to parents

    Building positive communication between teachers and parents is important in fostering a great sense of community. Installing a prominent notice board near the school office, main entrances, or kerbside drop off zones, is a great way to exhibit key information to parents in a convenient setting.

    The FlexiDisplay TuffLok is an ideal product for outdoor noticeboards, due to it ultra-heavy duty lockable poster display system, which is both weather- and vandal-resistant. It features a protective polycarbonate display, with an anodised aluminium frame and in-built gas lifts for easy access. The product is available in a range of custom sizes and can be installed either as a wall mounted or free standing product.

    It features two keylocks on either end and can also be installed with an optional header panel, featuring the school logo or title. The standard TuffLok features a whiteboard magnetic backing, which allows content to be both fixed-in-place and changed-over, with ease, although a number of other fabric and colour backing options are also available on request. The TuffLok can also be internally illuminated, for schools that wish their content to be legible in the evening.

    FlexiDisplay TuffLok Lockable display board featured in Wentworthville Public School
    FlexiDisplay TuffLok Lockable notice board featured in Wentworthville Public School

    Three FlexiDisplay TuffLok Lockable notice boards were recently installed at Wentworthville Public School. The noticeboards are located in prominent schoolyard locations, including outside the office administration building and in the main quadrangle.

    The school’s amenity upgrade allows over 600 students to stay informed about upcoming events and important school news.

    “The notice boards from CIVIQ are an easy and convenient method of conveying important information to staff and parents. We value knowing that our documents are safe and protected”, said Wentworthville Primary School Principal, Denise Lockrey

    CIVIQ poster and display in playground in yellow color with details about the sports day event that will happen on 28th of September at 9 am to 6 pm in the playground

  3. Promoting school events 

    A poster display board is a great way to promote important school events to visitors and students on campus, including special assemblies, graduations, award ceremonies, parent-teacher nights, performances, school holiday events, fetes, special celebration days and fundraisers.

    For indoor applications, the VisiPin pinboard range is a great tool for displaying event posters and printed announcements. Available in three pinboard styles, and a wide variety of sizes, colours and fabrics, the product offers a convenient and easy-to-maintain solution for school managers. Unlike the protected poster and noticeboard display systems, pinboards allow for easy access and content turnover. CIVIQ also supplies an outdoor-suited variant of the VisiPin range, which features a UV and weather-resistant Krommenie fabric backing, available in 15 colours.

    CIVIQ lockable display and poster at the corner beside a set of stairs

  4. Exhibiting student schedules and timetables in corridors

    Corridors are the busy arteries of school campuses, where students circulate before and after class, and typically also where school lockers are located. Placing a noticeboard in the school corridors ensures that critical information is placed where students are most likely to see it.

    As some corridor spaces can be quite narrow in proportion, CIVIQ recommends installing a sliding noticeboard product in these spaces. The VisiGuard Premium Sliding 2- Door product, for example, is great for its slimline design – and its sliding (instead of swinging) doors allows for content to be changed without the need to obstruct the corridor space.

    The VisiGuard Premium Sliding 2- Door noticeboard also has a number of other great features, including a quality safety-glass display case, finger grooves for smooth access, and a premium ball-bearing tracking system for ease of operation.  The product comes in 4 standard sizes, with the added option of cork or grey fabric backing.

  5. Displaying school canteen menus 

    A display board makes a great way to display school canteen menus and nutritional information, in an enclosed, vandal-resistant casing.

    The VisiGuard Swinging Door display board is ideal for application such as this, due to its economical, lockable display cabinet design, suited to indoor and sheltered outdoor environments. The unit features a vandal resistant polycarbonate display window, supplied with an easy to install mounting kit. The product is available in eight different sizes with the option of a cork or whiteboard backing. The 1, 2 or 3 door option allows you to choose the best size for your school environment.

    A great way to communicate on campus

    CIVIQ’s notice board and poster display products can be used for a wide range of school applications, facilitating information display to teachers, parents and students. Depending on the school setting and size requirements, there is a display system that CIVIQ can recommend.

    For further information or assistance in selecting the right product for your campus, feel free to contact CIVIQ’s sales staff – they will be happy to assist.

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