2021 H2O HEROES School Competition Winners!

2021 H2O HEROES School Competition Winners!

We love rewarding schools that are doing their part in creating a plastic-free environment.

Congratulations to our five lucky winners (yes, we decided to draw five as we had so many great entries). We trust the Aquafil Hydrobank will keep your School community hydrated, reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills, save students money by allowing them to refill and reuse and reduce their dependence on sugary beverages through easy access to fresh, clean drinking water.

A big thank you to all our entrants, we run these competitions each year so be sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media for a chance to win next time. Here are the winners of 2021 H2O HEROES School Competition,

Mimili Anangu School

Mimili, SA

How we are creating a plastic-free environment: At Mimili Anangu School, we provide breakfast, fruit, and lunch to our students as part of our nutrition program to ensure healthy and nutritious eating. To minimise our plastic waste we have switched to reusable containers and where meals are taken away from the school, we have recyclable meal packaging.

We also have plastic bottle bins at multiple locations across the school to maximise our recycling efforts. We take these bins to our local collection depot at Mimili Maku where Tony compacts the plastic until there is enough for it to travel from here in the APY Lands (outback SA) all the way down to the recycling depot in Adelaide 1200km’s away.

Our school often goes on excursions out bush which we refer to as bush trips – these happen as a way of learning outside of the classroom in a cultural setting. When we go out together, we cook lunch out bush over a fire. In being organised for these kinds of trips, we reduce our plastic waste and litter by taking bin bags out with us and again using reusable items.

As a school we always ensure we leave the bush as we found it, without any litter, so that we can help look after our land for a better future outcome. Our staff has also taken the initiative to create a soft plastics recycling box which is taken to Woolworths in Alice Springs whenever staff head there for a weekend away.

St Peters Primary

Bentleigh East, VIC

How we are creating a plastic-free environment: Doing our best, doing our bit! That is what the children of St Peter’s are doing. The Sustainability Leaders have implemented programs to recycle as many things as they feel they have time to manage.

Initially, the children began with composting food from the classrooms, next was the worst waste, the plastic bottles from the canteen. In recycling the bottles they found that they needed to find a way to recycle the lids also. That led to recycling milk bottle tops to support Rethink, Recycle. Then one of the passionate leaders suggested the Teracycle Colgate recycling.

At the moment they are in the planning stage of becoming a collection point for soft plastic. Something that has been on their list since the beginning is our leaky old fashion drinking taps, that one is a little out of their realm but it doesn’t stop them from bringing it up with the school leadership.

Our leaders are always looking for ways to help our environment! No project too big or too small. From little things, big things grow!

St Francis De Sales Regional College

Leeton, NSW

How we are creating a plastic-free environment: St Francis College made a conscious decision several years ago to reduce plastic waste. The College SRC student representatives approached the Executive and asked for the plastic water bottles to be removed from the daily boarding student lunch allocation.

At the time all borders were given a bottle of water as part of their daily lunch (we have up to 245 boarders at any one time). There was no facility available in town, at the time, to recycle the used bottles. The waste was full of single-use plastic bottles and they were also popping up in other places where they were causing issues, blocking downpipes for example.

The response was swift from the College P & F Committee. They purchased several CIVIQ units and the Executive decided to issue all Boarders with a reusable water bottle. In the years that followed all Year 7 students are now issued with a reusable College Logo embossed, water bottle. The summers are hot here in the Riverina and the availability of extra refill stations would be invaluable.

Wembley Primary School

Wembley, WA

How we are creating a plastic-free environment: We have all recycling stations for students and staff, have solar panels, zero waste lunch box days (competitions, waste is weighed and recorded), worm farms, and veggie patches.

Student Eco Warriors leaders coordinate all programs and assist the teachers and encourage students. The canteen uses recycled materials for food serving.

Hermit Park State School

Hyde Park, QLD

How we are creating a plastic-free environment: Our school has been working hard at reducing plastic waste in our school environment. We are a Reef Guardian school, and we are involved in environmental and sustainability projects within our classrooms and in the local community.

We have a recycling station area which was set up by our Reef Guardian students, here we collect soft plastics to take into the Woolworths REDcycle collection bins, plastic bottle lids for our local Lids4Kids charity, and bread tags are collected for Bread Tags for Wheelchairs Aus. and collect recycling for our Containers for Change scheme.

Our Environmental Leaders and Hermit Park Eco Warriors are students that remind students to recycle and collect the bottles/poppers recycling from the eating areas. The Grade 2 students are “The Waste Warriors” who walk around the school grounds during lunch times and collect any rubbish and soft plastics lying around.

We have been involved heavily with the Containers for Change scheme teaching students all about recycling and using it as a fundraiser for the P&C. We hold regular drop-off mornings for families to bring in their recycling, and local businesses also donate their recycling.

Last year we participated in the Waves of Change program Containers for Change and Plastic Oceans Australia ran and held lessons with students and our school’s OHSC to learn and teach the students all about reducing plastic waste.

We were the 1st school in Australia to have a recycling collection at a V8 Supercars event which was a huge success and saved 46,069 bottles from landfills.

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