a child enjoying in a swing a park with Aqaufil Drinking Water Stations

Playground Fun for Everyone

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A new playground in Cremorne Point has opened and it has everything that kids have been missing during isolation.
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a drinking water stations with wayfinding signage installed in a park as CIVIQ and Choose Tap work together to eliminate plastic waste

CIVIQ and Choose TAP Work Together to Eliminate Plastic Waste

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The ChooseTAP coalition is a network of Australia’s leading water suppliers the organization and its members are working hard together to create better outcomes for the environment
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Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station installed at Preston Primary School

Aquafil Hydrobank Replacing Old Drinking Troughs Around Victoria

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Blade Recreation in Victoria has recently replaced old drinking troughs at Preston Primary School, Resurrection School, Geelong NTH SC, and Iramoo PS Wyndham Vale with Hydrobank.
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Hydration to Combat the Summer Heat

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Learn a few things to remember to stay safe, hydrated and healthy during these warmer months and the importance of Drinking Water Stations as well as how many you need to install.
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two female students refilling their water bottle on EZH2O Drinking Water Stations, the price for CIVIQ and Elkay H2O HEROES Competition

Congratulations to the winners of CIVIQ and Elkay H2O HEROES Competition – University Edition

Here are the winners of CIVIQ and Elkay’s H2O HEROES competition University Edition!
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A man drinking through Aquafil Bold Drinking Water Fountain from CIVIQ

Safe Communities Through Certified Products

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Are your Drinking Water Fountains are lead free and watermark certified? To create healthier, happier communities we need to ensure that the products we make are safe and certified
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