H2O HEROES Programme

Our brand is all about creating healthy and happy communities through the community-wide adoption of safe, healthy, and invigorating experiences, including smart hydration systems.

Because we’re encouraging people to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics and to discover a healthy alternative to sugary beverages, we need to motivate people into making a difference.

We do this through our H2O HEROES programme which is focused on gifting drinking water stations through competitions. Be sure to follow us on social media to find out about our next competition.

Enter the 2021 H2O Heroes CompetitionGet to know our past winners
H2O Heroes Competition 2019

H2O Heroes Competition 2019

Find out how these schools are fighting single-use plastic waste

“Our school is 30 years old and has not had any new water fountains since it opened. We have only a single water fountain for our students to use to fill up water bottles. Our school is in a lower socio-economic area where 80% of our students come from families earning less than 50% of the average national income.

We are a Touch Football Specialist school and quite often need to host several visiting secondary and primary schools. We would also like to encourage students to use a hydration station in an attempt to reduce landfill and litter around the school.”

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H2O Heroes Competition 2019
H2O Heroes University Edition 2020

H2O Heroes University Edition 2020

Find out how these universities are winning their fight against plastic waste

“In 2019, UTS celebrated the opening of our newest campus building UTS Central. The public food court in the building was designed to phase out single-use plastics in response to environmental concerns of staff and students.

Staff and students are encouraged to bring their own reusable cups, containers and cutlery. All takeaway food packaging is commercially compostable (a mix of cardboard, paper, bamboo and PLA) and all drink containers are recyclable glass, aluminium and paper board.

We are estimating that in the first year of operation, we’ll be converting around 19 tonnes of food waste into usable compost, by diverting food scraps and packaging to be commercially composted rather than added to landfill.

UTS has a commitment, responsibility and capacity to act and be an actor of change. UTS is educating the next generation of leaders and as such as a responsibility to ensure graduates are equipped with good knowledge and understanding of responsible and sustainable business practices.”

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H2O Heroes University Edition 2020
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