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Drinking Water Products (General)

Phone How do we ensure our drinking water products are hygienic?

Our Aquafil® drinking water products feature anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzles as well as food-grade stainless steel, while our Elkay® range also include hands-free sensor activation options. All products are designed with appropriate drainage to prevent build up of dirt and grime.


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Phone What maintenance packages do we offer?

We have a range of maintenance services that we have allocated into different categories (Bronze, Silver & Gold) depending on how frequent our service is required.


Maintenance services include cleaning, check-up & reporting, filter replacement and vandal repairs.


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Phone The Importance of Watermark Certification and Lead Free Plumbing Systems

Providing fountains that are safe and comply with Australian standards is non negotiable. At CIVIQ we take pride in our diverse range of unique products that are designed and manufactured with quality and passion. Our innate commitment to quality design, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction means we always use the highest quality components in our products that are subject to rigorous quality assurance tests.


Our commitment to safety and quality ensured we transitioned to brass free plumbing in all our water products which allows us to provide assurance to our clients that water coming through our fountains is lead free and safe to drink.


The high standard of our documentation, processes and manufacturing meant we were able to easily achieve ASNZ4020 and Watermark Certification.


ASNZ4020 is a mandatory test for analysing the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking water, with regard to their effect on the quality of the water.


Watermark certification is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations, administered by the ABCB.


You can view our certification here: Civiq Pty Ltd Watermark Certification.

Drinking Water Products (Aquafil)

Phone What is the warranty for Aquafil products?

We offer up to two years warranty* on all Aquafil® drinking fountain stations, which covers the purchaser for any faulty workmanship and parts from date of supply.


*Please refer to the Aquafil® product warranty for full terms and conditions.

Phone Which grade of stainless steel are our drinking water products made with?

We use marine-grade 304 stainless steel with an electro polish finish to prevent tea-staining across our range.

Phone Where are our Aquafil® products manufactured?

Our range of Aquafil® drinking fountain stations are designed and assembled in our factory based in New South Wales.

If you would like to visit our facility, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to show you around.

Phone Which Aquafil products are best suited for indoor environments?

The Aquafil® Pulse and Aquafil® Solo freestanding drinking water stations are fitted with internal drainage and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


We also stock a wide range of wall-mounted drinking water products by Elkay, which are ideal for indoor environments.

Phone Do we sell portable drinking water stations?

Both our Aquafil® FlexiFountain and Aquafil® Pulse drinking water stations can be configured for portable use.

The portable variants feature sturdy, stainless steel bases and can be configured in rows. Simply connect to a mains water and drain – ideal for events with high-foot traffic.


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Drinking Water Products (Elkay)

Phone What is the warranty for Elkay® products?

We offer up to five years warranty* on all Elkay® drinking water stations.


This includes one year warranty in the case of product defects for bottle filling stations, drinking fountains, chillers and accessories, and up to five years warranty for compressor and refrigeration systems.


*Please refer to the Elkay® Product Warranty for full terms and conditions.

Phone How do I replace an Elkay EZH2O water filter? Phone How do I deactivate the bottle counter feature on an Elkay unit?

Some users prefer not to exhibit the bottle counter number on their units. To deactivate this feature, an electrician can disconnect the yellow or purple wires from the connection on the back of the bottle filler. If the counter stops, they can add a jumper wire set.


For further support, please contact our technical support team on 1300 600 300.

Phone Who should you contact if your Elkay unit requires servicing?

For all Elkay service and maintenance enquires, please contact CIVIQ on 1300 600 300 and one of our technical support staff will be happy to assist.

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