Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture

Feature Authentic Aboriginal Art on your bubbler, drinking fountain or water bottle refill station.

Wiradjuri Artist Luke Penrith created the collection “Connections and Journeys” exclusively for you, your community and Civiq .

Your bubbler can do more than just dispense fresh and clean drinking water. Imagine your drinking fountain as a platform for communication through art.

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Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture

THEME: Choose one or more of your preferred design options
APPROVE: Review and approve the design layout for your station
PRINT: Design is sent to print and applied to your drinking water station
COST: $350 per design
EXTRA: $120 per hour for design amends outside of the scope

Hills and Valleys

Hills and Valleys

Green colours

The green coloured Aboriginal artwork represents Mountain people, living in the hills, and the valleys across the country.

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Hills and Valleys
Plains and Fresh Water

Plains and Fresh Water

Earth Colours

This Aboriginal Artwork represents Fresh Water People of inland communities. It shows their special bonds with the rivers, creeks, swamps, and water holes.

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Plains and Fresh Water
Saltwater & The Coastline

Saltwater & The Coastline

Blue Colours

The blue coloured artwork is about Salt Water people. These are people living along the coastline and their waterways. For Millenia, First Nations people have camped and sung along the coastline. They gather near food, fish, turtles, birds, and plants. This painting tells the story of their journeys up and down the coast

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Saltwater & The Coastline

More Water Station Art Templates

View the brochure below to see more Water Station Art Templates. These templates of drinking fountain artwork are available to you to choose from when you choose to refill with Aquafil.

Scroll down to see the templates. Best viewed in full-screen mode!

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Turn your water station into a platform for communication through art now.

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View our range of drinking fountain Artwork Templates

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Aboriginal Artist, Luke Penrith

Aboriginal Art for Civiq Water Stations

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Aboriginal Artist, Luke Penrith, collaborates with Civiq to deliver art for drinking fountains.
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